Bringing medicines that matter to
patients and healthcare providers

Welcome To CYTOTECH  p h a r m a c e u t i c a l s

Home PageCytotech is a privately owned, mid-sized pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Hyderabad, India. An Indian pharmaceutical company driven to expand the boundaries of science to improve human health. A
company with first-in-class therapeutics, a rich oncology product pipeline ,medications to treat cancer  and other chronic diseases. A company dedicated to our patients, healthcare professionals, employees, and communities. The company has built a flexible business model around partnering to grow its R&D pipeline, its product portfolio, and extend its geographical reach.
Our Commitment & Values
Imaginative - Dare to be different
“Imaginative” underlines a need for daring to be different. CYTOTECH believes in the necessity of being open to new knowledge and alternative solutions. This assumption is the cornerstone of CYTOTECH’S  value chain,  from research and development to production, marketing and sales.
Passionate - Never give up
“Passionate” refers to a long-standing tradition of never giving up.
Responsible - Do the right thing

“Responsible” means that  CYTOTECH  employees are expected to do the right thing and act responsibly towards colleagues, the environment and the external community.

Our Vision

To unlock the power of the human immune system to help people with serious, unmet medical needs.

Our Mission

To contribute to the Enrichment of Quality of Life around the World through the provision of drugs addressing

diverse medical needs.

We People

At Cytotech, we believe in team work ownership, mutual – trust, respect & encouragement. The up gradation & intellectuality of the employees shall be maintained at all times.